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Let us come to you!

We have partnered with Dr. Lavonne Mills and other practitioners to provide in-home visits. Dr. Mills is board certified in family and palliative medicine and has a great reputation in our community. This service is unique to our area and will allow better access for community members to get the health care they need. Many people forgo seeing the doctor due to physical and health limitations. Now we will be able to better meet patients’ needs as we work together with their primary care physicians. We believe that providing this option for the people in our community will improve lives and the overall quality of health care. In addition, Heritage will perform a free in-home assessment by one of our licensed social workers to discuss all options. The health care industry can be an overwhelming system to navigate. We will take the time to learn each unique situation and connect people to appropriate community resources to help meet their needs. Our goal is to help people understand their options and allow them to choose which type of care best suits them.